Friday, January 30, 2009

FO: Phiaro

I finally finished the Phiaro.... (insert happy dance here). I know you have been seeing it on my WIP (work in progress) list for a long time but now I can finally announce that it is FINISHED! Done. Finito. Khalas.

Here's princess doing a Vana for you...

Honestly I'm so happy with the way it came out! Perfect drape, perfect color and just for me!
So here are the details

Pattern: Phiaro Scarf from Interweave
Yarn: Wendy Pure 100% Bamboo
Mods: I decided to take one repeat out to make it slightly shorter. Also I twisted the first and last stitch of each set of remaining stitches to give them more structure when I dropped the rest. I also purled all the dropped stitches so that I would remember better when to twist. For the CO I decided not to break the yarn 8 gajillion time because I didn't want to weave in the ends. Instead I cast off 5 looping the ball through the last stitches then K 5 repeating until done leaving me with just the live stitches to drop. If you need clarification feel free to contact me. Finally the scarf is 14 inches wide instead of the 22 inches the pattern calls for... I'm really happy with the end result. Big cheesy grin for this one


Hala said...

I have seen in real and it is so beautiful:)and thank you for all the aditional hints and tips

Sydney said...

It really is beautiful. Congrats on finishing it! :)

Charmaine said...

Just gorgeous!

Jackie said...

Mine is finished, not sure about the braiding though. Any tips, how did you make sure that each one was the same length and tie the knot? Mine are turnign out dif lengths!