Thursday, January 15, 2009

WANTED: More knitting time

This whole work thing I have going on from 8-6 five days a week is really eating in to my knitting time. Seriously, how much knitting can I get done in an hour or two a night!?! It's just not possible to knit as much as I want to.

The result of this lack of knit time is that I work on only one of my WIPs at a time leaving the less exciting ones to sit and wait patiently for their turn. Case in point. My noro striped scarf is getting ALL the attention right now while my cable purse, phiaro and (cough) textured tunic sit to the side, watching me, taunting me even with their little you-have-done-NOTHING-for-me-in-a-week attitudes. "Ha!" I say back. "I have NO knitting time and I will work on the instant gratification project if I want to. But in the mean time please don't hate me. You're special too and I'll get to you... later"

I wonder if people take vacation time so that they can catch up on knitting projects?

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Charmaine said...

Taking a vacation to catch up on knitting time sounds completely reasonable to me!

I have the advantage of not have to drive on my journey to work, so that's an hour extra knitting time right there!