Saturday, January 31, 2009

WIP: KAL Style

Look what I started yesterday!

It's the February Lady Sweater for our Knit Along! or in other words it's the WIP of my FLS for the KAL! HAHAHA maybe I should just rename it the Acronym Project.

Anyhow I am very excited to have finally gotten this on the needles. We have been talking about and planning this KAL since December! It took a lot of restraint but I waited for the group cast on yesterday. I even did a swatch! So out of character but it had to be done as this is something I want to get a lot of use out of once it's done and the best thing to do is make sure it fits right. I'm loving the Twisted in Rose Quartz from Blue Moon Fiber Arts (or BMFA) it's a gorgeous color and I love that the color variations are so subtle. Plus that ball you see is 570 yds! that means I only have to sew one set of ends in!!! Fantastic!

If you are interested in joining or following the KAL check out the U-Knitted Amiras blog... and don't worry I'll keep you update on my progress ; )

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Hala said...

so intresting to see how this thread looks like when is beautiful