Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I might have a problem....

See when i got this last order of KnitPicks I officially ran out of the space I allot for my yarn.

Officially means that I cant cram, squish or shove any more yarn in to the three spaces that hold my yarn. The reason I don't want to expand on my alloted yarn space is that I'm afraid my stash will get completely out of control then.

I know you are asking "Sheesh Lindsay (cough not lingy -latest attempt at my name- cough) How much yarn do you have?"

Well. Let me tell you. I have more than I thought was possible given that I live in an LYS Free country. :::deep breath::: I have 149 skeins. Seriously 149. and when I calculated the yardage (thanks a lot Ravelry but some things are better left unsaid) I calculated that I have roughly 10 miles of yarn. 10 MILES. And ok really 149 isn't THAT bad. Right? I mean I got 26 of them just this week so really I have 123. See that? I stash busted right there!

But even 123 is a lot. So I have devised a plan

First step: is to NOT buy yarn but to use the yarn I have. Although I like to think of this as a Yarn Diet rather than abstaining completely... I mean if I have a really bad day, I'm going to need a yarn fix. Or if I travel internationally I can tell you now, yarn will be purchased. Lets be realistic here. However, I will commit to making no yarn purchases for the next 90 days. :::hyperventilating::: Where's a paper bag!!!!

Second step: Stop saving the yarn for the perfect pattern (that I haven't found yet) and just use it, after all when I do find the perfect pattern I can buy the right yarn in the right color for it!

Third step: To knit. I think that is key to reducing my stash.

Does anyone else want to join me in this quest? We might even be able to make this a little fun.We can call it the UAE Knit Down '09. Perhaps who ever reduces their stash the most gets to be the 2009 Queen UAE knitter! or maybe something more fun than that... oooh! Or we can all put something in to a pot and who ever knits the most gets the pot? Ya know just shooting ideas off the top of my head here. I'm completely open to suggestions....


Jocelyn said...

149 skeins? That's a lot. I like your Knit Down idea.

Hala said...

good luck! i think we all need to use our stash and our books..

Sydney said...

Wow. I aspire to be like you! :) (For the record, I'm only up to about 10 skeins at this point!)

Charmaine said...

It cracks me up that Sydney is already at 10 skeins in her stash. I knew we would convert her (insert evil cackling!).

I love the idea of having a little competition. Next time we get together we'll have to make up the rules.