Friday, March 6, 2009

A brush with wilderness

Princess is usually an indoor kitty but I decided to let her explore outside. I wanted her to embrace her inner wild kitty cat er lion. I opened the window and let her go out on to the window cill. Our windows are protected with a mesh so really she couldn't actually jump off the cill but still she was outside exposed the wild wilderness of my backyard.

I decided to document Princess' exploration

This is Princess taking in all the new smells of outside. She even kept a close eye on those pesky birds making sure they didn't get too close.

After watching the bugs and birds for a while she decided we were safe from invasion and let her self bask in the sun.

Coming out of the window cill it was clear just how exhausting watching birds and sleeping was for Princess as she couldn't even make it to the floor before she fell asleep again.

This 20 minute endeavor was good for Princess though. It has brought a new awareness to her eyes, a new understanding of the world.

Princess has seen things now.

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Adrianna said...

she is fierce, that Princess.