Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Comb-over? Seriously?

Ok I'm trying to figure out how and why the comb-over became the latest fashion statement. If you don't believe me then just watch MTV and you will see it EVERYWHERE! I am so not over exaggerating.

Seriously. Look:
This is MetroStation BTW
The guy in red is one small step away from the Donald Trump of Comb-overs.

In fact I wonder how the fashion even got to this point. Was it gradual or was it more like one day they are all hanging out and guy in red pants comes walking (actually I picture it as more of a swagger) in with his new style and was all "Dudes what do you think of my new style?"
I imagine that this friend's jaws dropped and they were trying to thing of a nice way to say "Uh you look like a Donald"
But before they can answer red-pants-guy is all smug like and says"I paid like $800 for it and the stylist said this is what everyone is doing in europe!" (they so aren't dong this in europe)
Then his friends were like "Wow! That's like the coolest thing ever!" and went to go get their own $800 comb-overs....

Why don't these guys save the comb-over for when they are trying to convince them selves they aren't loosing their hair? I mean personally I don't think there is ever an occasion where a guy looks better with their hair combed from the back right corner of their head to the front left. But that's just me and apparently it's actually very cool to do, even when you aren't experiencing a hair loss problem.

I'm just sayin

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