Wednesday, March 4, 2009

No I'm not pregnant. I'm just sick.

I'm sick today. I was sick yesterday too. I didn't go to work yesterday because I could hardly get out of bed. Today I tried my luck feeling a little better and went to work where I quickly learned that that was a bad idea because I wasn't better enough. But when I went to work today I was bombarded with THE question. Yup as soon as people found out I wasn't feeling well they was say "Are you pregnant?" With a big smile on their face like they just figured out THE secret I have been keeping from everyone.

Better yet they think their suggesting it might be the key word that will make all your symptoms make sense and right in front of their very eyes you will realize... "Oh goodness I am with child" (I say this in my head with a southern accent because that seems more appropriate for the scene they are playing out in their heads) while clutching your stomach and tears start to develop in the corner of your eye. This moment, they believe, you will share with them, the lady at reception whose name you can't remember, or the assistant that you always go to for a little help... perhaps your boss or the guy who brings you the coffee

Apparently married women don't get sick. Marriage gives them some natural resistance to catching the flu, a common cold or any other ailment that you can think of. Nope, if you are married and you get "sick" well then you are really pregnant and just not telling people.

Being married, especially newly, gives everyone license to ask if you are pregnant. If you gain weight, get a cold, look a little pale, or seem tired than you are probably pregnant and people will ask you to confirm this.

Of course then people also need to ask you sporadically from time to time if you are pregnant as well. The fun (sarcastically speaking) part is that they might very well pat your tummy at the same time they ask you. When I look at them incredulously and say "UH. NO!" They reply with some reason about how it's ok to ask cause that what people do here.

Where I come from people would never ask such a thing. Perhaps when you are 8 and half months pregnant and about to pop but other than that there is a clear line (I feel) where people out side of close family would never try to guess when you are pregnant or ask about your baby making plans.

Here it's "do you want babies? When? How many? well you should do it soon because you'll love it!"
Yeah ok thanks. I'll get right on that oh by the way will YOU be helping out with all the bills?

Anyhow I'll get over this stomach bug I have and people will start to realize that indeed I was telling the truth... But they can always hope for the next time! Maybe just to make it fun I'll tell them I don't feel good for about 4 months. HA!


Abid said...

Babies are considered a blessing from god, according to arabs. So "why not make babies", they ask.

Adrianna said...

I don't know if it makes you feel any better, but it's the same here after you're married. Your body becomes a topic of conversation that other people are allowed to bring up.

It's way worse when you're older. People say great things to you like, "You're running out of time!" or "Are you trying? Why not, do you have a problem?" And you're like, "I'm sorry -- did you just ask me if my husband and I are having a sexual problem???"

Oh, it's fantastic. My friends and I came up with some great comebacks, if you ever want to feel wicked.

Lindsay said...

I'm definitely going to need some of those comebacks!

I'm not sure I'll handle someone patting my stomach when I am obviously pregnant but when I am totally not? that's weird.