Monday, March 2, 2009

Sleepy. So Sleepy

I'm so tired. Really I am. I couldn't sleep last night. After pondering the reason for my lack of sleep all day (hey give me a break it takes longer to process things when you are running on low) I realized that there are multiple factors here.

1. stress - stress makes sleeping difficult for me. I end up staying up late replaying every possible scenario in whatever I'm stressed about. I think about what might happen, what should happen, what will probably happen and how things would be different if only.

2. worry - late at night I start to worry. I worry about anything and everything. I worry about something I said to someone 4 years ago or I worry for the kids I don't even have yet. You name it and late at night, while I'm alone in my head, I'll probably worry about it.

3. pressure - the pressure I put on my self to fall asleep or else I won't get enough sleep oddly has an adverse effect and keeps me awake. In fact this problem has lead to a new rule at night for me: after I go to bed I am no longer allowed to check the clock to see how long I have been laying awake as I have learned that checking the clock causes #3 which in turn results in #1 and then I begin to worry (#2) about 1 & 3. Oh it's a cycle.

4. Twilight - this could very well be a cause of my inability to sleep. At least lately. These books are just so dang hard to put down and I end up reading 100 pages when I only meant to finish the chapter I was on. Plus the reason I love to read right before bed is that it puts me to sleep but these Twilight books just wake me all up and suck me in to them. It's like watching the 90210 The New Class (i admit to nothing) You know you are probably too old but the drama of it all just sucks you in and you HAVE to watch (er oops i meant read) more because you NEED to know what happens to everyone. I have been trying to share this obsession i mean good book series with my friends so that I don't feel alone in my addiction. But if they ask I did it so that they could enjoy a great book. My plan worked of course all you have to do is check out Sydney's blog to see how easily the obsession spreads.

So if you are looking for a good book and don't have problems with sleeping like I do, then I say check out the books. Join the obsession. You know you're curious.


Abid said...

Dont happy!

Sydney said...

Yes, yes. Very little sleep these day!