Thursday, March 26, 2009


Sorry to have been so quiet this week. I was busy. Really really busy. Really it's me not you. I was working late.

We had team meetings at the office and it was great but exhausting. It was fabulous to be able to put faces with all the people I talk to all the time and we got to do some training that will be really helpful. Overall I had a great time and we accomplished a lot but I wish I had more to tell you than "I've been working" but honestly that's all I have done. I didn't get home before 9:30 once this week! So because my days this week consisted of work, PowerPoint and coffee let me show you something more interesting

This is a day in the life of Princess. And boy is it a full day.

Right after breakfast Princess got started with the most pressing matter of the day because she's not one to procrastinate. The first thing she did was try to get that unruly plastic bag under control. Now this bag has had it coming. Its attitude is atrocious and the audacity it had to just lay around floor was unbleavable. Well Princess has made it top priority to show this bag just who the boss is in these here parts

She spared this bag nothing.

Then it was on to the next offender. The laptop bag. Oh this one has had it coming for a long time now. It's a multiple offender.

After all that reprimand it was time for a little R&R at one of her favorite spots.

When the nap ended Princess went to make sure everything outside looked ship shape.

Then it was on to fixing the curtains. They just don't hang right according to her.

Finally after an exhausting day It was time for another nap until dinner time.

You know capturing her day makes me appreciate the Princess' of the world who go out there every day and fight the plastic bags, laser dots, tissues and other menaces of the world. Lets take a moment and think about what that world would be like, t.p., baggies and red dots running amok. That my friends is an ugly world.

Thank you Princess and all of those who fight the same fight.

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