Monday, February 2, 2009

25 things

I was tagged by Sydney on Facebook but I thought it would be more fun to respond here:

So 25 things you don't know about me... well mom and dad you may know some of these

1. I don't eat fish or anything that lives in the sea/ocean/river... Haven't even tried any of it in years. My husband doesn't eat beef or chicken - this makes cooking fun!

2. Sometimes when I'm driving down the highway and I see the blue water, camels and palm trees, I think to my self "I live in paradise"

3. Sometimes when I get cut off for the 12th time as another dust storm rolls through and I'm explaining where I live to the Pizza delivery guy for the 100th time I think "What IS this place? Definitely not paradise"

4. I use to collect Coca-Cola memorabilia. A lot

5. I still, to this day, won't drink Pepsi... Mostly out of habit now or because I'm really stubborn

6. I know more about cars than my husband. I like cars

7. I use to have a customized car... That I customized. I really wish I could find a picture to show you, because it was sweet! A Honda Civic Coupe that had too many things done to it to list here

8. I enjoy knitting for others... I like to think of the person I'm knitting the item for the entire time I'm knitting it. It makes me feel like I'm giving them something more special than a scarf or whatever cause it actually has my love in it (i know it's cheesy)

9. My high school mascot was the Crimson Tide and I always thought that was a dumb mascot

10. I still miss my toy poodle.

11. Even though I have made mistakes I still wouldn't have changed anything in the last 5 years because I know there's no way I would have ended up here and meeting my husband otherwise.

12. I have gone 6 weeks with out buying yarn

13. But I did buy buttons today

14. I really miss seeing mountains in the distance

15. I know someday I'll really miss seeing camels in the distance

16. Living in the middle east had taught me more about being a confident woman than I had predicted

17. I have NEVER broken a bone and the closest I have come to surgery was having my wisdom teeth removed

18. I miss college and the way I always knew what was expected of me

19. The Twilight series is seriously good. Seriously

20. I know how to sail. And the memories I have of sailing with my dad are ones I think of when I miss him a lot

21. I look just like my mom and I love it!

22. I still call my big sister for advice and I'm not sure she knows how much I appreciate that.

23. I love english muffins with butter and peanut butter. Especially when I'm having a bad day

24. I read post secret every sunday

25. I use to be a professional ice cream cake decorator

Gotta say that was kind of therapeutic... Ok everyone How about you?

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