Monday, February 9, 2009

Oh to be a Princess

I worked from home for about half the day today. I find sometime, especially when I have to work on Excel, that I'm a more efficient worker from home. I'm able to get the boring stuff done rather than let my self be distracted at work. Don't ask my why I'm able to work even though my FLS sits right next to me begging for just a few more rows but I am.

While I was working from home today Princess reminded me just why I named her "Princess"

While I worked, she spent some time sleeping in the hallway, then sleeping on the living room floor, then finally sleeping where you see her above. She decided to sleep right next to me while I was working. Purring quite loudly, might I add, just to rub in the fact that she was happy and relaxed while I was pulling at my hair attempting to figure out Excel.

I don't know where you apply for her job but sign me up!

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