Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Oh it's bad

So my husband dutifully took my Apple to it's doctor's appointment this morning and waited while the magical man gave his prognosis.

:::Sigh::: There are tears in my eyes (not really but going for effect here) as I report that the hard drive completely crashed and needs to be replaced. This means I have lost EVERYTHING. All the papers I wrote, all my iTunes and all photos I have accumulated in the last 3 years including all of my adventures in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are all gone. Fortunately my blog (thanks blogger!) and my flickr account (thanks flickr!) have a lot photos saved on them… Also my wedding photos are all on discs waiting patiently to be reloaded onto my old but new computer.

I quickly contemplated just buying a whole new computer rather than fixing the one I have, but when I considered that all I do on it is blog, lurk, play on ravelry and the occasional yarn/book shopping it just wasn't worth it to shell out all the extra money. I'd rather pay less and have my trusty MacBook back, who has seen me through the two hardest finals weeks in my career at University of Oregon and has traveled with me, literally, to the other side of the world.

So instead of a replacement, my MacBook is in the trusty hands of its Doctor who said my new hard drive will be bigger and better than the old one! And as a bonus he's giving me a new processor which is 4 times faster than the old one! Woot woot! Even better, he says my Apple should be out of surgery and back home late this evening. Fingers crossed!


Sydney said...

That is seriously awful, Lindsay. I'm so sorry to hear that. I can't imagine what we'd do if we lose all of our pictures and writings and stuff. We have a back-up, but it still worries me. Good luck getting most of it back!

Adrianna said...

I'm so sorry!

My hard drive crashed right after we got married, so the database I built to hold everyone's (200 people!) name, address, gift they gave us, blah blah was GONE! I had to reconstruct everything.

The good thing is that all those things you were "going to do when you have time" -- organize your files, sort your photos, all that stuff? No need.

Small blessings. :)

Oh, but for your Lindsay 2.0 computer, there are free downloadable applications that automatically back your files up to the web, just in case. I'll see if I can find a good one for you.