Friday, February 27, 2009

No Knitting Day

Today has been a no knitting day. In fact out side of Monday, this has been a no knitting week. I have just been to tired by the time I get home to pick up my knitting. My two projects just stare at me accusingly for spending yet another night with something to do besides knitting.

Today I woke up late and then read some Breaking Dawn (the 4th book in the Twilight series) which is better than the last three if you can believe that. Then we got ready and headed for the big city eerr well Abu Dhabi that is.

On our way there I saw this

It's a building that is in the shape of a dot. Why you might ask? Because they can.

The weather right now is beautiful so we have decided to enjoy it as much as possible so we headed for the beach!

And just to let everyone who is still dealing with the winter climates know.... It was 95 degrees here today (thats 37 C). It looks like winter and spring are over and we are now heading into summer in full force. I know I know it's mean to rub it in but just remember that soon it will be so hot that we wont be able to breath with 110 F (42 C) 100% humidity

After the beach we went and saw Slumdog Millionare. It was a great movie and I can see why it won all the awards. I'm not going to tell you anything about it cause I think everyone should go enjoy it for them selves but I found it really thought provoking. Not only that but it shed a lot of light on what a big population in the UAE might have left behind when they moved here.

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Hala said...

it was pretty hot today and i am not ready for it is toooooo early :(