Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Beauty of Dubai

Well those of you in Dubai and Abu Dhabi (or perhaps anywhere on the Arabian Peninsula) knows the beauty that was today.

For those of you in lands far far away.... Let me show you!

We had a dust storm. Always so much fun and great for my allergies too (insert sarcasm here)
This is the view from out side my office. That dot is the sun. You know how usually people say don't look directly at the sun... well today you can

This is my car. I swear it wasn't that dusty when I parked it in the morning. I always thing it's funny that we use windshield wipers out here to get the sand off the windshield WAY MORE than we ever use them for water

Here's the highway on the way home... You just have to go back to this post to see what it usually looks like.

Isn't it just beautiful? Nothing like going out side and breathing in a mouth full of sand. It ends up everywhere. In your eyes, your hair, clothes and best of all, your nose. It's even better if it's super windy out side because then it stings as it hits you too!

And on a separate note (and sorry for the blurriness but it happens) this is one of our new public busses. It's huge and weird looking. Very skinny form the back but quite tall, as you can see, from the sideThis idea is good because the busses around here run out of room quite quickly, leaving only standing room. I have to say they aren't very aesthetically appealing but I like the initiative. Dubai is really trying to make public transportation more accessible. Good for them.

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Hala said...

it was amazing yesterday , i tell you that this dust wasn't good for my contact lesnses...