Saturday, February 14, 2009

Singing in Wahda

Hubby and I headed for Al Wahda Mall in Abu Dhabi today. We needed to get some things done and I wanted to check out the Banana Republic sale... But when we got there we were overwhelmed by noise. Music. Bad music to be precise.

We had lunch because we were starving and while we were eating we mused over what the music could be coming from.

Me: Maybe it's a DJ for some promotion
DH: No way. The music is too bad to be a DJ
Me: Is that the Beach Boys they are playing?
DH: Sounds like it. Yup definitely not a DJ. Perhaps a Filipino band?
Me: Hmmm Maybe but the singers sound different.
DH: Wow. Now they are playing Robbie Williams

We finally finished lunch and headed for the escalator to see what was going on....

There was a whole fun center(ish) set up in the entrance. And the music was was coming from the green and white box...

Oh yes people. That is karaoke. Voluntary karaoke in a mall. See the guy in the green booth? He is singing his heart out like he's on stage at Carnegie Hall. Hubby and I were so taken that we stood there for a good 10 minutes taking it all in and trying to figure out why people would do this voluntary in public. Seriously you would have to pay me like I was Beyonce to do something like that.


Marketing said...

well lindsay the event which you saw was etisalat's reach out promotion. everybody who participates will be a winner and will receive Etisalat Gift Hampers.

Sydney said...

Agreed. Not in a million years.