Monday, February 23, 2009

To be a kid again

Sometimes when i'm having a particularly rough couple days I start to think "Uugghh. Why was I always so anxious to become an adult! This is hard!" I remember what it's like when the bills weren't my problem or what it was like to not realize that cars needed to be serviced and that's always followed with more car bills. I day dream about summer vacations off of school, lounging around, watching tv. I could eat whatever I wanted because I hardly understood what calories were and besides gaining weight was normal it meant I was growing up! I use to get frustrated and think about how when I'm a grew up this or that wont be a problem anymore.

So when this happens I like to list all the reasons I like being a grown up.

Driving - I love driving. Especially when I'm having a bad day. It makes me feel in control

Eat Oreos before dinner - On some days this is crucial

Eating ice cream FOR dinner - I admit to nothing

Stay up late (or go to bed early) - picking my own bedtime is fantastic!

Unlimited access - Not being restricted by age, distance or coolness to get into places is great. Although I hardly go to those places anymore, but still

Shopping - This is great! I like to buy purses and yarn

Getting Paid - Having financial freedom is good. It would be even better if I didn't keep getting those dumb bills all the time

Not being in high school anymore - need I say more?

Putting the cup on the coffee table with out a coaster - I don't actually do this. I mean, it's a wood table. But i could if I wanted too and that's the important thing

Ok your turn. Let me what you like most about being a grown up.


Sydney said...

Everything about this post makes me smile! :) Kudos Lindsay.

Luis Portugal said...

It has a nice blog.
Sorry not write more, but my English is bad writing.
A hug from my country, Portugal

Hala said...

ditto for many of the points

Adrianna said...

1. Wearing whatever I want.
2. Staying up late if I want.
3. Watching TV and being on the computer.
4. Having money. Even if it's not a lot, it's mine.