Monday, February 16, 2009

Oh my broken.... Apple

Uuggghhh my apple died. I don't know what happened but yesterday I was puttering around the Internet when everything froze.

"Ok no problem" i think to my self "I'll just re-boot"
I shut down, wait a minute and then hit the power up button

Then I wait. The computer is on but it's blank. "Well sometimes when I reboot it takes some time" I console to myself.

And then it happens. I get the ominous "?" picture flashing on the screen.

"Uh Oh, that can't be good... Wait, no! I'll try re-booting again! That will definitely fix it" thinks to self as desperately pressing power button yet again

Nope to the "?" AGAIN! Ugghhh. Fortunately I resisted the urge to throw my Apple across the room. Instead I made an appointment at the Apple Doctor for tomorrow. He will bring my MacBook from the "?" abyss. I hope.

So until then I will be working on a borrowed laptop. A laptop not as user friendly as my MacBook. :::sigh::: Now I keep trying to use all the Macintosh tricks... curser to the upper left hand corner to make the windows easy to toggle between, curser to the upper right hand corner to make all the windows go away so that you can access the desktop easily. Windows just don’t do the same nifty tricks. I miss my Apple already

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Abid said...

Yep I do that too! I press F11 to see the desktop and nothing happens lol