Friday, February 13, 2009

An Abu Dhabi Day

I headed out to the BIG CITY (i.e. Abu Dhabi) today has I had my U-Knitted Amiras knitting group today!! It was so much fun! We celebrated Sydney's birthday and even had a lady from Abu Dhabi TV to come by and do a piece on us!! I felt so fancy. We spent hours gabbing and knitting it was great... Although I must confess I never get much knitting done at these meetings because it's too hard for me to knit and talk and drink coffee at the same time... especially when I'm working on Lace!

But as I'm sure plenty of the girls will post pics from today's meeting I thought I would show you a few of the other things that I saw today....

This one's for you, mom!! It's a little white birdy with a long neck that I saw while driving though the city on my way to the knitting group.

Today was the Abu Dhabi Jet Ski race!! I hear this is a very important race for professional Jet Skiers (?). Is that a profession? That's like being a professional chocolate eater or professional nap taker or even a professional princess!

Look at this sign for a Dentist that's next to my laundry place. Do they really think showing that picture will entice people to come inside? I tend to think the picture of the beautiful smile is the better rout to go... I mean show the customer what they will end up with. Not what they have to got through to get it.

Finally at dinner, where I had an incredible steak, I captured this. A beautiful picture of Sheikh Zayed Mosque. I know I have posted picture of it before but they are blurry and not great quality. This one came out clear and detailed. Isn't it amazing?
For bigger just click.

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