Thursday, February 5, 2009

Home Sweet Home

I'm a little reminiscent of home today. The weather was beautiful in Dubai today and the air smelled like home, like Portland.

So I thought I would share a little of home with you. Just a peek because I know I will want to share more in the future.

These two pictures are from a Washington Park which sits in the middle or Portland City. It's the biggest national park that sits inside city limits in the nation. Yes I'm proud of that. Anyhow just a drive up a hill in the city will bring you smack dab into the middle of a dense forest with trails winding all through the park. This is something I completely took for granted living so close to it all the time. I should have spent more time there wandering around and enjoying the natural beauty of the forest.

This is the Portland Rose Garden. It's huge and has thousands of types of roses. I love it there. Totally worth the allergy attack. In fact the purple rose that I keep to the right here is my very favorite of them all.

This is the Oregon Coast. Cannon Beach to be precise. It's seriously gorgeous. And if your a fan of Goonies then you'll recogize Haystack rock.


MAMMA said...

I had these roses in my bouquets for my wedding (20 years ago yesterday) They are "sterling silver" roses and you are right, they are the most beautiful!! My Dad bought me one when I lived with him for a summer in San Francisco when I was 12 or 13 and I have been hooked ever since!

Lindsay said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! 20 years is wonderful!

i wanted the same for my wedding bouquet too (that or gardenias)! but couldn't find them out here. but i was still really happy with the way everything turned out. I had the yellow roses with red tips for all the decoration and white flowers with red centers for my bouquet

Sydney said...

So beautiful. Stu was walking by and saw the pics and said, "Wow! Where is that?" Hehe. I love Cannon Beach. I can't wait to take him there myself. Sighhhhhh, home.

ThirdCat said...

How gorgeous is that park? And the ocean of course.

Portland is one of those places I've always wanted to visit. It always looks so beautiful.