Wednesday, February 25, 2009

That's what she said

I use to watch The Office on NBC and think about how funny it was but that it was probably a bit overblown and exaggerated. I mean seriously what kind of manager could be that clueless as to what reality is? How could someone keep getting promoted... Doesn't upper management know what's going on??? Really no one could make it to such a high position of managing a team of people if they constantly are offensive and plain in-the-dark about which employees are working hard and which are, well, hardly working.

The Office was made to make you laugh because you think to your self at least i don't work there! and because you know that stuff doesn't REALLY happen. No Way. It totally played up or made from stories that have been modified over time to become more and more ridiculous.

I must say, when I watch it now, I do not feel that it is so unrealistic. And it's funny because it's SO true.


Abid said...

Yep! My favorite show!

Adrianna said...

Careful... you start going down this road and you'll start seeing yourself in one of the characters. Better not to know! ;)