Sunday, February 22, 2009

Eeney, Meeney, Minney, Moe.....

Ok, I'm getting a bit tired of knitting the lace repeats on the February Lady Sweater now. So I decided to pick out the buttons that I'll use and will you believe I'm having a hard time deciding? I know! Who would have thought. Me. Indecisive.

So these are the three I narrowed down too. I really cant decided because honestly I think they all look great. I love them all for separate reasons.

The first ones: From Jennifer and I Love the chocolate color with pink and the heart shape is really cute.

The second ones: From the Button Drawer. They are goldish in the center silver towards the edge. I like the colors and I did buy this with the FLS specifically in mind because I love the antiquey design they have.

The third ones: I also got from the Button Drawer. They are Mother of Pearl with a little design carved in. They also shine pink in the light and I like that.

My husband says either the chocolate hearts or the goldish and silver ones. But honestly I like them all so I thought I would ask for your opinion. What do you think? Which ones would you pick? Or perhaps seeing as how I have three button holes I should just do one of each?

HAHAHA just kidding just kidding. But I had you going there for a second, didn't I?


Hala said...

i prefer the first one on the right

Jocelyn said...

Ditto on what Hala said. I like the mother of pearl ones.

Sydney said...

I third the mother of pearls! :)

Lindsay said...

My mom said the mother of pearl too!!! hmm starting to sound unanumous

Lindsay said...

ps i can't spell it's "unanimous"
: P